Saturday, December 17, 2005

I May Go Crazy

This latest revelation of domestic spying on U.S. citizens by the administration has me all wound up...... again..... still.

Each one of the arguments for Bush's actions by his wingnut friends has been roundly discounted. It's plain and simple. Bush openly and repeatedly (over 30 times he is reported to have ordered tapping) violated the Constitution as well as criminal and civil statutes. Again...... still.....

And make no mistake. We don't know it all. The Bush administration is like an iceberg. What you see is only the top 1/3 of what's really going on. Again ..... still....

This whole administration can only result in two possible scenarios:

1). The voters come to their senses, vote out the Republicans whenever they have the opportunity, and the Democrats repeal the damage done. The country returns to some sense of adherence to it's roots.

2) The voters, with the help of the fourth non-estate, continue to hibernate with their Paris Hilton video's and Bibles. The GOP stays viable as a party and keeps control of one or both houses of Congress. The presidential contest in 2008 is hotly contested, with the Democrat adopting GOP tactics and values in order to compete. The Bush administration leaves as a legacy a new concept of government that is much, much closer to a dictatorship.

What will happen?

I ..... just ..... don't ..... know ......

But I am afraid.


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