Friday, December 16, 2005

Shhhh...They're Listening UPDATE

We now know that Bush signed a secret executive order for the NSA to spy on U.S. citizens. We also know the NY Times held the story for one year at the administrations request. We also know that this executive order violates the 4th amendment of the Constitution of the United States. We also know that domestic spying carries criminal and civil penalties. We also know nothing will happen because of it.

Is it any coincidence that the NY Times decided to release the story just as the Patriot Act renewal was coming before the Senate? Steve Clemons thinks the long knives are out:
There is momentum now behind those who want to clip the wings of the Bush White House. A genuine battle is breaking out. . .finally.

In the past, those who would preserve our system of checks and balances, our system of justice, and civil society have been too weak compared to a White House that had become intoxicated with a passionate belief in its own infallibility.
Are the patriots emerging? It seems the NY Times is trying for some redemption after holding the story for a full year. Too little, too late? I just don't know. I wish folks would get it..... you can't negotiate with BushCo.

Clemons closes with this:
The White House is being handed one defeat after another, but the President and his team despise being beaten. I suspect that we are entering a dangerous period where the White House feels trapped and prone to excess to try and get back in control. least on paper they're losing. I'm not so sure. You know how you can tell if Bush is conniving and undermining an agreement with you?

If he shakes your hand and agrees.

I do agree that our country is in for a very dangerous three years. The more institutions step in to counter BushCo, the more they will undermine secretly.

UPDATE: The story is getting some legs. But will it last?


At 8:49 PM, Blogger mikevotes said...

I think you're comment at my place was right, didn't get a chance to write about it today what with everything else going down.

And the leaks are coming pretty fast right now, and I credit them to a wounded Whitehouse and disabled Rove.

I believe some of the leakers are "patriots," but we've had those leaks throughout to some degree whether it was Karen Kwiatkowski(sp?) or the Coleen Rowley, or Siebel Edmonds, or...

But I think we're now getting more leaks because nobody is afraid of these guys anymore. For so long, everyone was afraid of the Rove retribution and with that looking less and less venemous, I mean, could they really pull of a character hit in this environment, people are no longer afraid.

So, two leak sources beyond your "patriot leakers." 1) Retribution. These guys have stomped on alot of toes on their way to and while in the whitehouse, and some of those toes are now stepping back. 2)People leaking to spin stories away from themselves or to their advantage. First one to leak gets great control of the narrative.

Enough. That's my opinion.

BTW, dropped a link to you over at my place if you care.


At 8:13 AM, Blogger Greyhair said...

Thanks for the comment. And likewise on the link thing. I'm enjoying your site...thanks!


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