Thursday, December 15, 2005

No Holocaust

Franklin Foer of "The Plank" has a question in light of Iran's President's most recent outrageousness:
My question is this, where is the outrage over Iran? Strangely, I hear Europeans reacting with greater anger and fear than the American right--or the left, for that matter. (Big ups to Matthew Yglesias for continuing to trumpet the issue.) Iran represents as good a reason as any to be pissed with Bush. Under his watch, the world's leading anti-Semite is poised to get nukes. There doesn't seem to be anything we can say to talk Ahmadinejad out of the bomb. And given his ideological/religious disposition, the odds of him using it against Israel are far greater than zero. What's worse, a wide swath of neocons and other foreign policy hawks seem to agree that these weapons are too dispersed and too hardened to be vulnerable to a preemptive attack. So, I ask again, where's the outrage? And more to the point, does anybody have a plan?
In the run-up to the war I contended that there is a canary in the mineshaft of the Middle East....Israel. If Israel worries, then whatever Middle Eastern beligerent is in question is probably a threat. Israel was largely silent on Iraq as a WMD threat.

But what will the U.S. do when Israel starts bombing Iran? Or worse, launches a ground war?

Another irony of the neocons ideological push to protect Jews in Israel.


At 5:18 AM, Blogger justin barker said...

Excelent points. Why isn't bush talking hard on Iran? Maybe he's just a blowhard who only picks on countries who's defences are in shambles anyway.


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