Sunday, December 11, 2005

Another Novak, Just Like the Other Novak

Well, Viveca Novak wrote her story today. It's about her involvement in PlameGate, specifically her interactions with Robert Luskin, Rove's attorney.

I won't spend a lot of space recounting the story. There are a million blogs writing (and speculating) about the impact of Novak's testimony on Rove. Some say it helps Rove....some say it makes no difference.

What I do want to do is echo the criticism throughout the blogosphere about the state of political journalism in this country. We now have three confirmed, top-o-the-line political "journalists" who have confused sources with friends, kept critical newsworthy stories to themselves, written pieces about other's involved in the story without disclosing their role, not told their editors, and then come forth with a mea-culpa. And then. To top it all off. Reading Novak's account of her role one is impressed with the sheer sloppiness of her work. There are many key details to which she has no notes, no recollection. Excuse me. SHE'S A REPORTER! HELLO! She's either incompetent or lying.

Finally, this series of journalistic idiocy has revealed something about the companies for which they work. No one's yet been fired. In fact, Judy Miller has received a six figure severance and Woodward continues to do as he pleases. Novak's has been put on administrative leave. Wow, such a penalty. The periodicals involved are part of the elite club where protecting one's ass is all important.

No wonder the Bush administration has shown nothing but total contempt for the media. They appear to be contemptuous.


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