Friday, December 16, 2005

Iraqi's Vote

All the papers are tut-tutting the huge turnout in the Iraq elections. This is good news as most of the improvement in turnout was Sunni's. In fact, I ran across this interesting tidbit in today's news roundup:
The Post also has a tidbit from Ramadi, where there were some particularly persuasive get-out-the-vote workers: "Masked guerrillas of the anti-U.S. Iraqi Islamic Army movement, wearing tracksuits and toting AK-47 assault rifles, went out among houses to encourage people to vote. Witnesses said the guerrillas told them: 'Do not be afraid, we will protect you.' "
I've worked in GOTV efforts, but never with an AK-47. Bet that would work though when you have those stubborn voters who don't answer the door when you knock!

Why would guerrillas be part of a get-out-the-vote effort?

They want us out. All of them.

Every major candidate and slate of candidates ran on an agenda of expelling the Americans. The Iranian backed Shiites have successfully used Bush and the Americans to remove Saddam and the Baathist. Why do Baathist want the U.S. out? Because Baathist have been the leaders, technocrats and military in Iraq for several generations. They believe that once the Americans are gone, they will be free to regain control. Why do the Kurds want us out? Because they want a partitioned Iraq with Kurds controlling the north and expanding into Turkish Kurdish areas.

I wonder if the neocons have figured this out yet? What about all those American bases being built for permanent occupancy?

No matter what happens in the future, one thing stands out. The neocon ideal of "Democracy in the Middle East" that would be more moderate towards the west in general, and Israel in particular, is a failure. The U.S. will not be allowed a permanent presence in Iraq and Iraq will not be friendly towards Israel.

One other thing is sure. The dead and wounded of this war will still be dead and wounded.


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