Saturday, December 17, 2005

Double Back Flip

Sometime back, I had an inkling that Bush would make some wholesale administration personnel changes at the beginning of the year. Now this comes out:
"Senior Defense Department officials say Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has told them nobody should stay for just another year; he wants them for the rest of President Bush's second term. That is read as a signal that Rumsfeld intends to serve out the next three years," Robert Novak says.

"By finishing his term, Rumsfeld would contradict wide speculation that he will quit soon after Iraqi parliamentary elections. That is now considered unlikely even if he does not complete the full term.

"A footnote: White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card has said flatly there is no truth whatsoever to reports he is about to move to the Treasury to replace Secretary John Snow."
I should know better. Anything. I mean anything, that is good politics, good leadership and good management is exactly NOT what Bush would do. So if it's a good idea to turn staff over periodically, or to get rid of problems, Bush specifically WON'T do it. Besides, it was already decided that Rummy has to stay as long as he's incompetent. I should know that that means he'll never leave.

You really have to think stupid when you try to predict Bush.

But then again, look at the source of the above story. I may end up doing a double, double back flip.


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