Monday, November 28, 2005

McClellan Toast?

Political Wire:

Think Progress wonders where White House press secretary Scott McClellan has gone. The last time he gave an on-the-record press briefing was 19 days ago.

"We called the White House to ask whether there would be a press briefing today, and the press assistant checked the schedule and informed us there was not one scheduled. When asked whether there would be a press briefing any time this week, the press office informed us that there was nothing scheduled because the President would be traveling."

Nearly two weeks ago, PR Week predicted McClellan would be replaced soon because he "lacks credibility."
On a larger note, I've got an intuitive feeling that maybe we're in for a large scale White House shakeup. It's been too quiet...even for a holiday. The New Year would be a good P.R. opportunity to "wipe the slate clean".

Update: Evidence that a change wind may be blowin'


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