Friday, October 28, 2005


Jay Rockefeller, ranking Democratic member of the Senate Intelligence committee via Josh Marshall:
“To date, Congress has completely failed to answer these critical questions. The fact is that at any time the Senate Intelligence Committee pursued a line of questioning that brought us close to the White House, our efforts were thwarted. If my Republican colleagues are not prepared to undertake a full and serious congressional investigation into the potential misuse of intelligence, then I regretfully conclude that we have no choice but to pursue an outside independent investigation. The American people deserve answers and they want the truth.”
Might actually get someone excited that something was gonna happen...right?

As Josh points out, then why did Rocky sign off on the intelligence report regurgitated by the committee before? And where was the outrage when Senator Roberts, the ranking chairman of the committee, did not performed the promised follow-up investigation on the involvment of the White House? Why act like you have cajones now?

I'm certainly not optimistic that anything will happen on this front.


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