Friday, October 28, 2005

Rinse, Spin, Dry, Repeat

The conservatives continue to spin. It's Wilson's fault! It's was an itty bitty indictment! No biggie. Just wait. They'll soon throw Libby over and claim it was an "overzealous staffer" and an "isolated incident".

Fitzgerald seems to be playing it very very carefully. He seems to be unwilling to go out on much of a limb. He may epitomize the cliche, "the wheels of justice grind very very slowly and very fine". I also think he and Rove are still playing chicken. Or as Billmon puts it, cat n' mouse.

Even though Rove isn't on the looks like the case goes on and stays in the news. And I go back to my original point (which other blogger idiots like myself are finally figuring out), what happens to Rove now? A big ass cloud over him and the White House? It's a no lose for Democrats. Indictments = proof of corruption. Continuing investigation = ongoing drag on the administration.

The only thing that could happen that would be devastating is if Fitzgerald stops with Libby and goes home. I *don't think* that's gonna happen.

Aside from the politics. It would be a positive step forward to rehabilitate the country if Fitzgerald gets to the bottom of the yellowcake maze. Wilson is just the tip of the iceberg.

But stay tuned!!!!!


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