Thursday, October 27, 2005

So Much Corruption...... little time.

Here's the latest little dust-up (via Salon):
Journalist Murray Waas is now reporting that Cheney and Libby withheld "crucial documents" from the Senate Intelligence Committee as it investigated the use of intelligence in the run-up to the Iraq war. Waas says that Cheney and Libby, over the objections of some White House staffers and lawyers, withheld documents that included drafts of passages Libby wrote for inclusion in the deeply flawed speech Colin Powell would deliver before the United Nations in February 2003.
A couple of thoughts on this latest revelation:

1) Who and why was this leaked now? Looks to me like someone is really out to get Cheney...bad.

2) This behavior by Cheney/Libby is nothing new. It's likely a very small part of the whole uranium/intelligence stove-pipe scandal.

3) Senator Pat Roberts, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence committee (a big joke btw as Roberts has an IQ of <50),has been covering for Cheney since the beginning. He's part of the problem, so there's no way he can be "victimized" by the White House for not releasing requested documents. My guess? The Senate Dems scream a little bit but nothing comes of it.


4) This could be/become part of a large Patrick Fitzgerald investigation into the forged Niger documents. If so, then Fitzy might get somewhere.

Without #4 above, the story goes nowhere in my opinion and Administration officials get away with lying to Congress. Just another day in BushWorld.


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