Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Squeeze

Arianna Huffington and others have been reporting on negotiations between Judy Miller and the NY Times for a serverance package. Arianna:
As a Times staffer told me, “The last thing Sulzberger and Keller want is Judy on Fox 24/7 crapping on the New York Times. And you know she would.”

Indeed, I hear that Judy is playing major league hardball. Banking on her power over Young Arthur, she is trying hard to jack up her severance package. What’s more, a source tells me that Miller is (I kid you not) trying to include in the package “‘drifting’ onto the Times masthead in some high-concept way”.
She's had Pinch by the hardballs from day one and continues to squeeze. Remember what I said here about pathological folks like the Judester. A word of advice to Pinch: it's no win so you might as well do the right thing, cause she's gonna screw you one way or the other.


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