Friday, September 09, 2005

Gas Tax

The "Big Picture":
Guess what happened as Gasoline prices soared last week? We used 4% less than the prior week -- with a travel holiday included. shit sherlock!

SOME of us have been advocating a federal excise tax (a big one) on gasoline for literally 30 freakin' years! Then use that income to finance a serious program for energy independence and renewable energy sources. Watch the SUV's disappear and fuel efficiency take on a new cachet' when it cost $80 to fill up. Kill three birds with one stone...encourage conservation, encourage fuel efficient vehicles, and begin moving towards a non-petroleum based economy.

Later he says:
This data suggests Americans will reduce oil consumption dramatically -- but only if there is an explicit cost to it. Don't be surprised if some of the more observant members of Congress propose a 50 cent gasoline tax. Its anyone's guess whether the proceeds get earmarked for disaster relief, or for mass transit. But brace yourself, this one may be coming.
Don't get your hopes up. Bush, Cheney, Exxon, all relates.


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