Thursday, September 08, 2005

Katrina Fatigue

I'm hearing and reading an awful lot about what I call, "Katrina fatigue". People are so depressed, angry, and frustrated by the sheer magnitude of the disaster and the sheer magnitude of the government's ineptitude, that they can't keep their brains wrapped around it anymore. It's just hurts too much.

I totally understand that. It's part of what was going on here for me. And today I've been posting about some other topics, some light-hearted, to try and get some distance from the evil that has added to the human suffering that is and continues to be New Orleans.

But then I began reading about the shift in media reports and began to realize something.

Isn't a short attention span part of the problem? Karl Rove, no genius but an astute observer of American behavior, understands that all the Bushies have to do is put out a spin that the loyal tribes can spout with some semblance of a straight face, and.........................wait.

It'll all blow over should be the mantra of Rove.

And he's been right.

So I plan to continue firing way past the point of posting depression and fatigue. I just can't let a dweeb like Rove beat me down.


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