Wednesday, September 07, 2005

What First Amendment

I gotta tell you.......

I've been reading and sending current events greymail for well over a year. I have NEVER seen the new stories, new blog posts, and new information emerge at such a furious pace. If you feel overwhelmed reading this blog (and greymail, if you get that), join the club. It's amazing.

Anyway, ran across this and I think it's a bit of crucial analysis by Josh Marshall:
Now comes this post from Brian Williams (MSNBC), which suggests a general effort to bar reporters from access to many of the key points in the city.

Take a moment to note what's happening here: these are the marks of repressive government, which mixes inefficiency with authoritarianism. The crew that couldn't get key aid on the scene last week is coming in in force now and taking as one of its key missions cutting public information about what's happening in the city.

This is a domestic, natural disaster. Absent specific cases where members of the press would interfere or get in the way of some particular clean up operation or perhaps demolition work there is simply no reason why credentialed members of the press should not be able to cover everything that is happening in that city.

Think about it.
Just a continuation of this.

If you'd like to take a look at an example of what they're trying to keep out of the media, go here and scroll down a bit (warning, may be disturbing, don't go if you're not prepared).


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