Monday, December 19, 2005

Impeachment? Ah huh

I'm reading all the froth over the internets about Bush having violated the constitution. I don't think there's any doubt that he violated the Constitution, and FISA.

The first is impeachable.

The second is subject to civil and criminal penalties.

But these aren't the first offenses. And probably won't be the last. Wait until we get more information about who and how many were being survailed. It's going to be worse than you think. I suspect it's going to include spying for other reasons than terrorism, which is the only (other) explanation for Bush foregoing FISA

There are a number of folks pushing the impeachment meme, including Barbara Boxer. And I support anyone in contacting their representatives and demanding accountability (something that everyone should have been doing for years). And any campaign that comes along to push impeachment gets my support.

But does anyone actually believe it's gonna happen? Set aside the good politics of trumpeting Bush's dictatorship and building on it. Just looking at likelihood, I have to conclude that nothing will come of it. The Republican party is too disciplined, the American public too short sighted, the media too cowed. The conditions that led to an accountability moment for Nixon no longer exist.

What worries me more than anything is the precedent. No President, no matter what party, is going to want to give back power. In an interesting essay, John at AmericaBlog says it better than I did in postulating about a President (a liberal future President?) unilaterally declaring, via Homeland Security laws, that guns are illegal. It's a good read. And the wingnuts just don't get it.

Any power for rebalancing will have to be taken. That may happen with a split government or not. It certainly won't happen unless Americans begin to fear their government. And so far, that just doesn't seem to be happening....... still. This apathy, above all, is what depresses me most. Actually, it's enough to make me drink.

Off to the Cabernet to drown my BushBlues.


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