Friday, October 21, 2005

Wag That Dog

I'm reading an awful lot about Rice's testimony to the Senate in which she refused to rule out attacking Syria or Iran, and her more recent saber rattling. Then there's the recent revelations that Syria may have been involved in assasinating Lebanon's Prime Minister. The media has been trumpeting administration threats, and the tension is definately rising.

Add to this that Andy Card cancelled an appearance this weekend because he "had to" be with Bush at Camp David. Laura Rosen is speculating that an attack is in the works.

Would the BushCo do that to distract from the indictments? Just as important, could BushCo launch and attack?

I wouldn't put it past them. But I'm not sure it's possible given the shortage of troops. I also am not sure that even the moron's in the White House would risk a much larger regional war, which an attack on either Syria of Iran would likely spark.

But....then again. These folks are nuts. I wouldn't put anything past them and I think it completely appropriate for everyone to keep a careful pulse on the situation.

I see it as more likely that Bush uses covert ops to cause problems for Syria. Don't be surprised to hear of covert ops mischief like an assasination or two involving Syria and/or Iran in the future.


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