Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rove To Walk?

TalkLeft continues to make the case that:

1) Rove squealed.

2) That Rove may get a sweetheart deal and either walk, or get a minimal charge.

Go read the post for the details.

My question is this. If Rove gets no charge, what will Bush do? He and the walking talking points boys would have plenty of rationale for Rove to stay in his job, technically. But what of the political fallout? And how would "mr. I'm loyal to the end" Bush feel about having someone who sold other's down the river in his administration? Wouldn't this put Bush/Rove into a position of "getting off on a technicality" and thus become a real drag on the GOP?

Perhaps even more intriguing is this. Suppose Rove is charged with the most minimal of charges and get's probation. Is he resigned?

Personally, unless Fitzgerald completely clears Rove, which looks pretty unlikely, I think Rove is still toast. But then again, Bush has never been known for having a lot of brains.

As throughout this whole matter, it should be interesting!


At 5:59 PM, Blogger Tate said...

I read on AOL news, usual feed from AP that Rove had turned down a deal by Fitzgerald this morning.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler has a very strong condemnation on his official government site of Bushco corruption and he and others in Congress want Fitz to handle the Impeachment probe.

Rep. Hinchey wrote a letter signed by 40 other members of the House of Representatives confirming Comey's mandate for Fitz to go wherever the evidence takes him.

McCain is fighting against weakening the torture bill he introduced by exempting CIA from Human Rights rules.

Please go to the sites of these gentlemen to thank them for standing up for what is right.

Enjoyed your article. Would like to see Rove do jail time but more important to get bush and cheney out ASAP!!

Please mention your disapproval of the US military being ordered to shot and bomb on the borders of Syria and Iran in the past few weeks (months?) to the above Congresspersons.

Thank you.


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