Monday, October 24, 2005

I Need My Fukitol

I'm trying to keep my chin up regarding America's response to torture. But then I run across more stories of torture, and diddy's like this from Legal Fiction via Arthur Silber (yeah, he's back), and I find I need my fukitol again:
So I was riding the train back from Boston to DC earlier today and I was listening to two Amnesty International workers at the table beside me (I was doing work in the cafe car) talking (loudly) about torture and their latest efforts, etc. One of them was essentially saying that she had given up and become totally cynical that Americans would ever care. The other tried to reassure her and explain why action was necessary. So this particular part of the conversation goes on from Wilmington to Baltimore.

At Baltimore, Sy Hersh gets on the train and sits with them at their table in the cafe car (I couldn't tell if he knew one of them or not). Anyway, after a few pleasantries, they asked him about his views on this particular question and whether there was something or someone giving him hope. Hersh replied, "We're fucked."
Sy Hersh has been right every inch of the way about Bushco and Iraq. This is worrying.


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