Monday, October 24, 2005

Fig Leaf Time

It looks to me like Harriet "Ozzie's Mom" Miers is a goner. Tim Grieve of Salon shares the drama with us:
Appearing on "Fox News Sunday" yesterday, Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback called on Bush to turn over documents related to Miers' White House work. "Providing this type of information from the White House is almost a risk they assume when you nominate a candidate just from inside the White House," he said. "A lot of the things she worked in the White House are on their way up to the Supreme Court. I think it's totally legitimate to say, 'What did you work on? If that issue comes before the Supreme Court, what would you do?'"

At his Cabinet meeting this morning, the president all but blurted out that he wouldn't and couldn't turn over such documents without jeopardizing the ability of future presidents to hear frank advice and "to make sound decisions."

And like clockwork, the mainstream press is now reporting that a "document snag" is threatening to "scuttle" Miers' nomination. Maybe this is all just coincidence. Maybe Krauthammer was tipped off to a plan already in the works. Or maybe, with Karl Rove distracted by other matters, the president is taking advice from wherever he can find it.
This is so obviously orchestrated. Sam Brownback taking a stand? Since when....

Here, via Karl Rove, is an inside report on the deciding phone conversation:
Bush: "Hey Sam, you don't want Hurriet on the court? Cummon. Why not? She's a real nice person the way she's bee a-takin' care of her 91 yr. old momma and all"

Sam: "Naw, she's an idiot. Besides, she's a wuman. You otta keep her around the White House to make coffee. She can at least make good coffee....right?

Bush: "Naw. She keeps dropping fake eyelashes and that black goop she puts on her eyes into the coffee maker. Kinda gives a hairy taste to the coffee. What the hell am I gonna do with her now? And just how do I tell the Lord I just caaan't do it?"

Sam: "I'll tell ya whut. Me and my boys over here will make a ole' fuss about some nonsense. Like. Hey, how about that paper she wrote for know the one....the one about he she really really thought you were cool and she really really thought she'd make a super judge. We'll say we want em', you won't give em'. Then you'll can her ass because everyone knows what a big, strong, Preznit you'ar.

Bush: "Well now Sam. That's a mighty fine idear. Even better than that time it just slipped yur mind to finish off that little dust-up over that 911 commission...ya know...the investigatin' of the my spread here.

Sam: "Ya. That was a good one. Well...gotta go now and get my mean face on for Britt and the boys over there, them media flunkies...calling you out and all. But afore I go...what the hell does hairy coffee taste like?"
And with that leadership conference of top administration and Senate officials, Harriet's nomination is toast.


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