Friday, October 14, 2005

Question of the Day UPDATED II

Will the New York Times finally publish, this weekend, what it knows about Judy Miller and the Plame investigation? They have no further excuses not too with the lifting of the contempt order on Miller.

The "paper of record's" handling of PlameGate and Judy Miller has been shameful. We'll get a chance to see if there's any hope by how they handle this story.

I'm betting that the Judester doesn't cooperate with reporters. I think this primarily because I think she's still in danger of prosecution.

UPDATE: Well, this didn't take long. Let's see if it's true:

Raw Story: Miller Not Cooperating with NYT, Will Resign
Raw Story reports from deep inside the NYT's newsroom that Miller is not cooperating with the Times' investigation of her involvement with the Plame prosecution, and that she will resign after its article on the subject is published
UPDATE II: Arianna has been carrying a lot of water on the Judy Miller saga. She too has sources telling her that the Times will have a story on Sunday. But this particular excerpt from Arianna's blog caught my eye:
In the meantime, Judy will be heading west this weekend to attend a conference at Cal State Fullerton called, I kid you not, "Power to the People: Unlocking Government for the Public and Press and the Blogs"
Gotta admit...the girl has gall. And she's gonna get a mil or two for the book, so why give it away for free?


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