Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bzzzzzzz UPDATED

Everyone's all abuzz about Rove testifying today in front of the grand jury. But I didn't know this:
"Federal prosecutors have accepted an offer from presidential adviser Karl Rove to give 11th hour testimony in the case of a CIA officer's leaked identity but have warned they cannot guarantee he won't be indicted," the AP reports.

"Rove has already made at least three grand jury appearances and his return at this late stage in the investigation is unusual."
This sorta kinda indicates that Rove thinks he's gonna be indicted. And now turd blossom is trying to talk his way out of it....

UPDATE: Now it appears that Fitzgerald invited (read, no subpoena) Rove back (AP):
Rove offered in July to return to the grand jury for additional testimony, and Fitzgerald accepted that offer last Friday after taking grand jury testimony from the formerly jailed New York Times reporter Judith Miller.

Before accepting the offer, Fitzgerald sent correspondence to Rove's legal team making clear that there was no guarantee he wouldn't be indicted at a later point, as required by the rules.
The confusion is that the offer was made in July, and only now is Fitzgerald accepting it. However, Tim at Salon has this:
So Karl Rove is returning to testify before the grand jury investigating the outing of Valerie Plame, and he's doing so without any guarantee that Patrick Fitzgerald won't prosecute him. How big of a development is this? "Stunning," a former federal prosecutor tells us. "There is no reason for Rove to make this appearance unless he and his counsel believe he is at serious risk of indictment. None."
It sure looks like unkie Karl is in the crosshairs. be a fly on the wall in the grand jury room....


At 4:36 AM, Blogger Lynne said...

This could be the turning point we have been waiting for.
Or it could be another in a series of bitter disappointments. I'm not getting my hopes up, or trying not to. Surely to God this massive incompetence and corruption will end sometime?

At 11:02 AM, Blogger Jage said...

More importantly, the 'turd blossom' photo even beats out the previous 'shit hits the fan' clipart. Kudos to you for your skillful graphics hunting and gathering... ;)


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