Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fakin' It

I always wondered about this.

It seems that at any given time, a bunch of people who are on their cell phones are faking it.

Rutgers School of Communications:
How many? It is hard to say. But James E. Katz, a professor of communication at Rutgers University, says his classroom research suggests that plenty of the people talking on the phone around you are really faking it. In one survey Dr. Katz conducted, more than a quarter of his students said they made fake calls. He found the number hard to believe. Then in another class 27 of 29 students said they did it.
What is fasinating to me is the reasons why. Some people used their cell phones as a method to avoid being honest in taking care of themselves. "Oh, I've got to run, my _______ needs me". Is it too frightening to just say, "hey, I gotta go now". Or how about making yourself look like a big shot.

Having just traveled across the country, I can tell you that I felt absolutely out-of-it not having a cell phoned jammed in my ear.

Oh what fragile webs we weave.....


Ah...excuse cell phone is ringing.....


At 2:32 PM, Blogger Marla said...

The thought of faking a phone call has never once crossed my mind. That's so stupid!

At 4:33 AM, Blogger Lynne said...

It never crossed my mind either. Man, there are some sad people out there.
Is there a People Skills for Dummies book?

At 11:00 AM, Blogger Jage said...

This is just another variation of similar narcissistic traits cell phones seem to bring to the surface in the shallow minded of our society. Beyond using cell phones for the excuses listed in this post, I believe it goes back to an overly inflated air of self-importance felt by most Americans. That's why you continually see people in grocery/retail stores talking on their cell phones. It's not because those calls are of any importance as much as it's an attempt to convey a false sense of superiority, sort of an 'I'm so important that I can't go anywhere in the world without someone having to speak to me' attitude. Then again, that's about par for the course with our reality-show fed civil mentality, n'est pas?


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