Saturday, September 24, 2005


Liberal blogs my ass.

I attended a protest against government policy today that included literally thousands of people.

The liberal blogs (many of which are represented in my blogroll) have had nothing to say about the anti-war effort. Susie Madarak of Suburban Guerilla had one post on it.

I marched today with a whole bunch of ordinary people. People with jobs/kids/mortgages, who gave up a lot to be there. I had dinner with a woman and her son who have lost their home in New Orleans. They are staying in New Jersey and drove to Washington for the protest because they are so fed up with Bush. An given the "power outage" in the northeast corridor on Amtrak today (that stopped the trains), some had to protest in train stations and take alternative buses to get here. The entire march was delayed two hours. A government attempt to stop the protest? I don't know. Sure smells though.

Where was atrios? How about of the other's who proclaim themselves as "progressives"? At least Billmon admits his ambivalence. The other's are apparently absent.

No only were they not there, but not a word was said ahead of time about the protest. Tell me. How is this different from the criticism these same folks often level against the "DLC" who plays it safe politically? None of them supports Bush or his policies. But none of them seemed to get much out in front.

As might be said by them, "what a bunch of hacks". I guess we have a new and growing level of cocktail crowd.....the big-name bloggers. It's not easy to admit that you were wrong, and that your government is screwing up. It's not easy to raise your voice against government policy with people yelling you're a traitor. But bullshit. You do what's right. And you do the hard work of staying informed and challenging yourself to admit what's right. There's been plenty of information that has come out to show that Bush has been wrong AND incompetent. Yet many...many of our citizens are still reluctant to admit it. Read Billmon (above, and you'll see what I mean).

BTW, if I'm wrong. Prove it.

Pissed in Washington......


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