Saturday, September 24, 2005


This is what happens when you put young men in an unwinnable insurgency...
Other images appear to be of Iraqi civilians. A series of photos showing two men slumped over in a pickup truck, with nothing visible above their shoulders except a red mass of brain matter and bone, is described as "an Iraqi driver and passenger that tried to run a checkpoint during the first part of OIF." The post goes on to say that "the bad thing about shooting them is that we have to clean it up." Another post, labeled "dead shopkeeper in Iraq," does not explain how the subject of the photo ended up with a large bullet hole in his back but offers the quip "I guess he had some unsatisfied customers."
Bad enough to have to fight. But to take pics is piling on. Then to post them (in exchange for free porn) is sick. Then for the site to get a tremendous increase in traffic is a sign of our times.


And another new emerging story here. The atrocities accumulate.
As much as Katrina revealed the ugly underbelly of poverty and race in the country, 9/11 revealed the ugly underbelly of sadism and blind fury. This is a sick culture.


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