Friday, September 23, 2005

Press Conference

The wife and I decided to do a little site-seeing today. We started the morning with the National Holocaust Museum. This really is a must-see for every American....lest we forget. It's tempting to see the Germans of that time as crazy. Yet, they were actually a very ordinary western culture that adapted to a very stressful times by demonizing others. Scary.

While the Bush administration isn't Nazi Germany, it sure carries the whispers of the Nationalist Socialist Party. I'm glad this piece of history is being preserved, hopefully for all time.

Anyway.....we're walking toward the Washington Monument when we see a gathering of people near where tomorrow's peace march begins. We stroll up and there's a news conference going on with Cindy Sheehan and many gold star moms.

We joined the pack and took some pics. Here are a few of the better ones (click on the picture for a better look):

The press gaggle. Probably 6-8 different news stations there filming

Cindy making a statement and taking questions

Cindy with a couple of the other moms who have lost kids. Several spoke for the interview. It was really quite sad

Poor thing. While Cindy hails from Vacaville CA where it gets quite warm, it was 90/90 outside in the sun. People were coming up to her from everywhere (including me) to wish her well. All she wanted was a quiet moment and some lunch. I suspect she doesn't get many quiet moments.

Memorable quote of the day. When asked about some of the specific plans for the march tomorrow she said:
"Just like the way George Bush is running the war, we're kinda making it up as we go along, so I don't know quite yet all the plans for tomorrow."


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