Saturday, September 24, 2005

Early MSM Bullshit

The early reports by the press are proclaiming a low turnout, small by London's standards. Even the D.C. police chief admits it was 100K at least. They're also giving the counter protestors equal press.


I kept expecting to see counter protestors. There's was one section of em, lined up behind barricades of maybe 100-200 counter protestors. They were lined up like the animals in the zoo for the anti-war protestors to chant at as we walked by. I took pics (up tomorrow) to prove it.

Maybe a scheduled pro-war protest tomorrow will have more participants. But the nonsense of giving equal time in the press to this very, very small contingent today is a total distortion of the facts.

I guess I'd have to murder my wife and dump her in SF bay to get some decent press coverage. Gee...100K+ people showing up at the nations capital to speak out in an 12 HOUR MARATHON doesn't count.....


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