Tuesday, December 06, 2005

DeLay's For DeLay

The FrogMan commeth.

As you've likely heard already, Tom DeLay will indeed go to trial. The judge in the case dropped the conpiracy charges, but upheld the money laundering indictment.

It's been reported that the House leadership has agreed to keep his leadership position warm until the end of January, allowing DeLay time to clear himself. This would now mean having the trial completed, and DeLay exonerated, by January 31st.

From MSNBC's First Read:
While the Senate is set to begin work in 2006 starting on January 18, NBC's Mike Viqueira reports that the House is not likely to return to Washington until January 31. No reason has been given for this relatively late return, but if it holds to be true, two safe assumptions can be made. First, DeLay would, by consequence, be given the maximum possible amount of time to get through a trial and, presuming he's acquitted, reclaim his old job of majority leader, heading off a possible election to replace him. And second, President Bush would not deliver his State of the Union until at least January 31, if not later.
How nice of the House leadership. I think it's swell of them to DeLay the people's business until this bug-man-crook can try and save his lily white ass.

Hey, what's a couple of weeks of legislative time anyway...right? Nothin' serious going on or anything.


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