Wednesday, November 30, 2005

National Strategy For Victory! UPDATED and BUMPED!

To be announced tomorrow, three years after the war started, 2110 dead Americans soldiers and countless Iraqi's killed.

My prediction? More of the same.

But catch that name! A National Strategy for Victory! Kinda makes you want to stand up and salute or something. Should make the wingnuts slobber for awhile.

UPDATE: Yep, like I said. More of the same. Here's the plan with all kinds of snazy bullet points, arrows, dots and all kinds of neat, eye catching phrases!

UPDATE 2: You really should take a few moments and read the document.

In a former life, I worked as a organizational consultant helping businesses with strategic planning. One element common to organizations is the tendency to set indistinct goals with unmeasureable outcomes. There's really a quite natural reason for this. If you keep the goals fuzzy and unmeasurable, no one is really held accountable. Once you make a goal concrete and measureable, you to really perform!

This Iraqi war strategic plan is a poster child for the worst in strategic planning. If I were still doing consulting, I would want to use it as an example of how NOT to plan. It is void of any significantly clear goals or measureably outcomes.

Gosh.....Do you think it's that way on purpose?


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