Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Trial De Saddam

I really don't have much to say about the trial itself. The Iraqi's don't really have a judicial system (like everything else). The tribunal, which is setup and financed by the U.S. and sequestered behind U.S. security in the Green Zone, will do all the questioning. I suspect it's likely to be more of a showpiece than a legitimate trial of fact. At least that will likely be the perception within Iraq by those who are anti-American. And those who are pro-American could care less, as long as Saddam is dragged through the street behind a good-ole-boy's pickup so they can get a good stick on em'.

But this did catch my attention:
The lead protagonist in the political and legal drama is a U.S.-created tribunal whose judges are at pains to proclaim autonomy from the Saddam era, their American mentors and the elected Iraqi government.

But they work closely with dozens of U.S. Justice Department lawyers and forensic specialists based here in a branch of the U.S. Embassy known as the Regime Crimes Liaison Office. With a $75 million budget, the Americans have screened tons of physical and documentary evidence, offered guidance to Iraqi prosecutors on strategy, and run them through a mock trial.
Is Halliburton trying the case? Geesh. Doesn't $75 million seem a little steep for a trial held on American territory without the usual attorney's and motions? Sure, they have to document the evidence to attempt some type of legitimacy. But how hard can that be? I suspect the state of Ohio's election was rigged for under a mil.

Oh...I'm sorry. This is the Bush administration in Iraq. A snicker's bar goes for $500 and is distributed by Brown and Root.


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