Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Come to Jesus

Jeralyn Merritt of TalkLeft (a fantastic legal blog btw) has been joining the chorus of speculation on PlameGate. She seems to have been pretty right-on so far. Based on a Reuters report, she looks at Fitzgeralds recent announcement that any final decisions on the investigation would be announced in Washington D.C., not Chicago (Fitzgeralds home base).

Reuters guesses that the unusually tight-lipped Fitzgerald who's staff hasn't leaked anything, may be signaling a last chance to cut a deal:
It is unusual for Fitzgerald's office to offer comment on any aspect of the case and Monday's statement led some observers to wonder if it might be a signal that a decision was imminent or that Fitzgerald was trying to increase pressure on potential targets to cut a deal.
Jeralyn then goes on to explain the enormous financial, legal, and personal consequences of jail time. And it looks like due to mandatory guidelines, some of the jail time may not be of the Club Fed variety.

Hey Rove, "got soap"?

She ends her piece with this:
My experience tells me that only those who truly believe they are innocent -- and those whom Fitzgerald advises are looking at felonies and jail time even with a deal -- will hold out.
I would agree. And sociopaths like Rove and Cheney are delusional in their belief that they are above the law and will, in the end, win. But they are the ones likely looking at felony charges. Rove particularly has experienced situation after situation where he got away with breaking the law. It should be interesting to watch.

If that's the case, we could be in for a couple of more years of corruption stories. I wonder what the so-called GOP moderates will have to say if this happens?


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