Friday, September 30, 2005


I just couldn't resist.

I'm such an asshole. But hey, the odds of him reading it are nearly zilch anyway. But I feel better.

John, at Americablog has an issue on his mind that I think is of paramount importance:
I've been thinking some more about my post, below, about the fact that our troops are STILL being forced to buy their own body armor.

It's time for Democrats to take an obvious issue handed to them by God himself and run with it in an intelligent, strategic way.
He goes on to blog about the importance of Dems really using this issue to their benefit and to the benefit of the troops. I couldn't agree with him more.

But I couldn't resist posting this in the comments section of his open thread:
Hey John,

I agree with you about the armour.

BUT, I gotta disagree with your tactics.

All you're doing is blogging about it?

Throughout history, people have written to try and influence their representatives with little success. Sure, occasionally they'll listen, but only when it suits them. And blogs are a dime a dozen.

Besides, everyone knows that politicians listening to blogs will find a diluted message. After all, there are alot of A.N.S.W.E.R blogs calling for the same kind of actions by Dems. And NO ONE listens to them, and you wouldn't want to be associated with their tactics? Now would you.

And everyone knows that the only way to affect real political change is through a "new media stratagem".


Ok, seriously. I agree with your position. And I totally support your efforts to effect change. And I personally will do what I can to support you in your efforts.

It takes a big person to admit they've made a mistake (just ask Bushie). I would hope you'll come to realize that the rally in D.C. really could have used your support, not your criticism.
What the hell. It's worth a try to get folks to understand that hypocrisy is not a rarity in politics.


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