Wednesday, November 09, 2005


In case you were unaware, Ahmad Chalabi is speaking today at the American Enterprise Institute.

Yes, Chalabi the convicted embezzler and Iranian spy who fed Judy Miller wrong information on WMD, who was somehow involved in the Niger yellowcake forgeries, and who has generally played the U.S like a fiddle.

The very one.

And yes, The American Enterprise Institute which is homebase for the neocons.

Al Franken was discussing this on his show this morning, commenting on the fact that Chalabi is a crooked spy. He asked, why would he be allowed in the U.S. and allowed to speak at AEI ?

The answer is obvious.

The neocon dominated AEI is made up of crooks as is the governmental leadership. That's why a spy for a foreign government hostile to the U.S., who's a convicted embezzler can be welcomed with open neocon arms!


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