Thursday, November 17, 2005


Everyone and their dog has been speculating about who told Woodward, aka Wayward, about Valerie Plame. A concensus seemed to be developing around Stephen Hadley mostly by the process of elimination. Forefront in the analysis has been Firedoglake and TalkLeft.

Well, now we have this from Firedoglake:
Oh boy here come the fireworks. Reuters:

A White House official said on Thursday that national security adviser Stephen Hadley was not Woodward's source on Plame.

If that's true, as far as I can tell, that only leaves Big Time.

Baby oh baby. If this is true, Christmas may be particularly sweet this year. Big Dick telling Wayward would likely be a violation of the espionage act.

One thing we know for sure. Eventually we'll find out!

UPDATE: Via David Corn:
On Thursday night, Associated Press reported that a "person familiar with the investigation" said that Cheney was not Woodward's source. Richard Armitage, look out. CNN is reporting that a spokesperson for Armitage said "no comment" when asked if Armitage was Woodward's source--which makes Armitage the only person on the Official Speculation List who has not yet denied it.


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