Thursday, November 03, 2005


Well, it's all but over:
WASHINGTON, Nov 3 (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate on Thursday voted to allow oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, barely rejecting a Democratic-led attempt to strike the controversial plan from a budget bill.

Drilling supporters said developing the refuge's 10.4 billion barrels of crude would raise $2.4 billion in leasing fees for the government, reduce U.S. reliance on foreign oil imports and create thousands of American jobs.

However, opponents said there was not enough oil in the refuge to lower gasoline prices significantly, and what crude is there would not get to the market for at least a decade. They also warned drilling would threaten ANWR's wildlife, which incudes migratory birds, polar bears and caribou.

The Senate voted 48 (yes) to 51 (no) on an amendment to remove the ANWR provision from the budget bill.
Via the Oil Drum, go to this site to see Subhankar Banerjee's magnificent Picture Gallery to get a sense of what's at risk.

All for, at best, a few months oil supply and merely forestalling the inevitable need for alternative energy sources.



At 4:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"All for, at best, a few months oil supply and merely forstalling the inevitable need for alternative energy sources."

You forgot the payoff to the oil industry both in income and jobs. The only point in the Bush White House's favor is that the oil industry has been buying politicians for a generation to get ANWR drilling passed. It's not an original idea to Bush and Cheney. However, I guess it is appropriate it has happened on their watch at a time oil companies are awash in excess profits.

At 4:36 PM, Blogger Lynne said...

This is way beyond shameful. I just want to cry.

At 2:06 PM, Blogger dus7 said...

Well... it just doesn't really make economic sense to drill in ANWR right now. Leave it as a deposit for the future.

The heart-touching Photo Gallery of "what's at risk" has an error [] on the "Marsh fleabane" [] which looks a lot like Arctic cotton [] to this former Alaskan.

Sen. Stevens is a crime; I don't find the actual drilling, should it ever become necessary, such a crime. Implying that huge caribou herds, unnamed lakes, picturesque lagoons, and generally the 'pristine wilderness' will be wrecked by oil drilling is misleading.


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