Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Broker/n Constitution

There's a lot of news today about the agreement of a Sunni political group to the proposed Iraq constitution. Essentially, all the party's have agreed that the consititution can be amended with a two thirds vote by the legislature after it's been ratified.

Yep. A two-thirds vote is all it takes to change the constitution.

Like everyone else, I'm not quite sure what the Sunni's got out of the deal since they represent less than twenty percent of the population. But, agree they did. At least a political group claiming to represent Sunni's. I wonder if anyone consulted the multitude of militias.

Billmon and Juan Cole both have nice posts with excellent analysis so I won't belabor the discussion other than to add this. The Iraqi constitution doesn't matter because it's illegitimate. It's American backed and therefore tainted. No matter how the thing gets massaged or diluted, it's carries the nasty smell of Abu Grahab, thousands and thousands of dead Iraq civilians, lack of progress on infrastructure rebuilding, unemployment, poverty, suicide bombs and a huge gap in the power structure (just to name a few).

The civil war will have to play out. Now it's only a matter of whether it will happen with two thousand American casualties, or ten thousand. And by-the-way, the likely winner will be Iran, who will assist the Islamic state of Iraq to come into being.

Osama has GOT to be laughing his ass off somewhere. He didn't even like Saddam.


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