Tuesday, September 06, 2005


This post is being put up at the request of my son-in-law, who has some genuine concerns:
This post reflects what to do for a radiological terrorist attack. Other disasters will usually be best handled by evacuation but, in many cases the prep for a radiological disaster will cross over to the others. To get you motivated to do the prep now, just think 9/11/05 is approaching and bin Laden is a person that thinks a lot about dates.


Some things you can do now to prep for the worst:

Step #1 I recommend everyone print out the guide above and put it in a place they can grab it in an emergency.

Step #2 Have a plan with your family members about what to do. Examples: where the shelter will be built in your house, who's heading to the grocery store to grab what they can, if phones are out and you have no way of getting home where are the second and third locations to meet up.

Step #3 Order some potassium iodide pills. <$10 could save you and several close friends' lives. A nukalert radiation detector is <$150. Having canned foods on hand is a bonus and jugs for water (to be filled immediately) would be a good investment. LED flashlights, battery operated radio, backup batteries, etc. (see printout from link above). Step #4 Pass on the hope that a nuclear explosion is survivable and the end of the world is not at hand, level heads will save lives! Support civil defense education to the masses.
I can't say that I'm totally convinced that this is enough of an individual risk that I'm ready to return to the 50's bomb shelter days. But, given the recent response by FEMA, I'm not sure it's crazy either.

I'm basically of the opinion that a ounce of prevention is worth a pound cure. That's one reason I'm working so hard to get rid of the Bushies and seeking political leadership that approaches national security from something other than a political spin position.


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