Monday, September 26, 2005


This is the best overhead shot I've seen. Note that the march extended well beyond what's pictured, winding down 15 st. and in front of the White House (top center), and around the park across from the White House. March route show below.

I'm really experiencing a fair amount of frustration today.

The media really has given the anti-war protest rally short shrift. I expected that.

But the mainstream liberal bloggers have also been pretty much silent, or critical. It's a long story, and I'll blog about it more later in some detail.

Once again, liberals miss the opportunity to maximize a message, using all the public outlets they have....blogging, TV, radio (Randi Rhodes excepted). Instead, the liberal blogosphere has been analyzing the hell out of it, finding what they didn't like about it, or totally ignoring it. In other words, doing the work of the GOP for them.

Many of the points of criticism about the rally have been very valid, and analysis spot on. But I think they, like James Wolcott (below) miss the point. RIGHT NOW, it's not about getting the message perfect. It's about perfecting the message through the outlets we have available. It's called SPIN for a 30 second sound bite. LATER is a time to perfect the organizing aspects of events, including more involvement by those who criticize.

I've been saying it anywhere I can in the blogosphere. The GOP is fantastic at taking a turd and turning into a gourmet meal. The left has shown, yet again, that it can be presented with a golden opportunity to maximize it's anti-Bush message, and turn it to a turd that the Republicans then smash in their face.

In the meantime and along these same lines, here's an article by a Detroit News Columnist that sums up the media respect given the rally. I'd include the liberal blogs as well. It's called, 500,000 People Vanish in Washington, DC.

More pics of todays arrests to come soon. I'm hungry right now.......


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