Sunday, August 28, 2005


In a post below, I had posted the nasty sign being held up by a pro-war protester. Just to be fair, this from local news reports:

Ken Robinson, of Richardson, Texas, who described himself as a Vietnam veteran, was carrying a sign at a “You Don't Speak for Me, Cindy!” rally. The sign read, “How to wreck your family in 30 days by ‘b**** in the ditch' Cindy Sheehan.”

Kristinn Taylor, an event organizer with, heard about the sign and rushed up to Robinson.

“This is our rally and you can't do that here,” he said, only for Robinson to insist he was within his rights.

Camera crews rushed in and Taylor turned to face them.

“To all the media here, this sign is not representative of the crowd here today,” Taylor announced. Some of the crowd around Robinson came forward to shake his hand, while others chanted, “Idiot, go home.”

The two men then squared off and raised their voices.

“Just get outta here!” Robinson yelled, and aimed a kick at Taylor's midsection. Taylor called for security, and a young Woodway policeman quickly showed up.

“I have the right to freedom of speech,” Robinson said.

Robinson continued to protest loudly as police handcuffed him and led him awa

Looks like a mini-feud in amongst the pro-war crowd.


At 3:44 PM, Blogger Jage said...

You know, as much good as Cindy's protest is doing in calling additional attention to the SNAFU of Iraq, I think this shows an almost equally important aspect of the mentalities behind those who are certain we should 'stay the course'. Hopefully, as the tide turns more towards the realms of reason and sanity in this matter, the more the petty, aggressive and controlling personality traits of the pro-Bush backers will become apparent to the public...


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